Nixie Anim

Tank Five. Creativity at Work.

Specializing in Niche Marketing for Craft Distillers, Brewers and Wine Makers. We love what you do. Tank Five has the tools, expertise and assets to establish your business through B2B and public offerings via event hosting, merchandising, digital and print marketing, from a 31 acre farm with an outdoor kitchen and amphitheatre.

Eye Candy

Photography / Videography / Studio space

Weapon of choice. The camera reveals more than the eye. It's not hard to understand how many felt it could steal your soul. If done right, it can also make you look really damn good. We have a complete range of services for Photography and Videography Assets and Offerings including a complete studio with green screen and 360˚ product photography capabilities, location shooting and event photography including drone footage and cable camera for next to impossible and awe inspiring indoor/outdoor shots.


Event Hosting / Farm to Flask / Long Table Dinners / Tastings

Tank Five's Marketing and Design Studio is built on a 31 Acre farm in Fort Langley. Equipped with a 6,000 lb. pizza oven, outdoor kitchen, and.. an amphitheatre! We eat, drink and breathe in the industry with all our hearts and minds. The farm is dedicated to providing botanicals, while the gorgeous event location supports tastings, long table dinners, and corporate events up to 500.

Happy to See You

Package and Label Design / Illustration

Our experience is securely rooted in print media and packaging, having worked hands-on with all types of printers and presses, utilizing embossing, debossing, metallics, foil and dies.

World Domination

Development for Websites and Apps / SEO Services

A well appointed web presence is a worldwide sales-force. We know how hard you've worked hard on your product, and it deserves the best representation. Our expertise doesn't start or end with a pretty website, it combines all the things in between and the support to make it work for you. We're experts in Google Analytics and know what to give you straight-up quantifiable results, not gimmicks. We work with all the tools. CMS platforms (Joomla, Magento, Squarespace) Cart systems (Shopify, Wordpress plug-ins) and we also build Custom standalone websites (using Bootstrap). Our arsenal of tools includes Java, Google Firebase, PHP, ROI reporting, Social Media templates, Live Streaming, and App development. But really, if you want to geek out, let's meet over a dram and board game.

The Goods

Marketing / Social Media / Content Creation

Welcome to the evolution. We're in an exciting age where word-of-mouth advertising reigns, and entire countries are within our grasp. We are able to do things digitally that were once unimaginable, yet with the future in our hands, we are even more excited about the past. Our job is to create a compelling story; to dig deep into the thoughts behind the products, and create a way for consumers to get connected. We don't believe in competition, and strongly support B2B. So many of our customers are entrepreneurs, and the best way to connect is to work together.

Ain't I Pretty

Branding / Identities / Design Studio

Few have the bravado of Muhammad Ali, but we can borrow from his powerful rhetoric. The paying public love pretty, and with all the amazing brands available, you need to up your game. It's important to keep simplicity in mind, and to study the masters. Beauty is in the eye of the purchaser, and you don't want to be the one that lost the fight. We have studied and fought for over two decades. Traveling through distant lands, we are steeped in the respect of cultures. We are passionate about our methods, the materials, and the tools we use. You have to keep up the fight to be at the top of your game.